01 December 2020

Internet Genealogy Dec/Jan 2021

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Obscure Resources: Genealogy When There “Ain’t No Sunshine”
Joe Grandinetti goes off-road and unconventional to find ancestors within relevant timeframes

Ancestors on the Water
David A. Norris looks at records pertaining to ancestors whose lives depended on the water

PRIMARY SOURCE: The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan
Tony Bandy examines the collection of online resources in the Province of Saskatchewan

U.S. Mortality Census Schedules
David A. Norris looks at records that offer names and details of those who died in the year prior to the census date

Wicked Instigations of the Devil
Steve Ward asks: Was your ancestor a victim of the bawdy courts?

Ancestral Journeys
Sue Lisk highlights online resources for important migrations our ancestors may have undertaken when starting a new life

Cemetery Protocol and Propriety
Robbie Gorr offers notes on cemetery etiquette for genealogists

Do You Have the Notion?
Lisa A. Alzo reviews a new free online workspace to write, plan, and get organized

Mulling Over Mills
Sue Lisk looks at websites to help us understand the importance of mills in our ancestors’ lives

JSTOR Text Analyzer
Diane L. Richard looks a new feature offered by the JSTOR digital library

Internet Genealogy looks at websites and related news that are sure to be of interest

Back Page: If Not for the Kindness of Strangers
Dave Obee shows that family photos can come from the most unexpected places

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