12 December 2020

Ontario Newspaper Digitization

As someone who has grown old advocating and lamenting the lack of national leadership from LAC on newspaper digitization, the article One fire away’: Why Ontario communities are digitizing their newspapers by Marsha McLeod caught my attention.

As with Glengarry county, local people have the most interest in having their newspapers preserved and digitized. It's gratifying to find the type of effort described being made and funded by local councils. 

I'm wondering if OGS branches keep track of digitally available newspapers for their area, and newspapers that are vulnerable to being lost?


Donna Jones said...

Great article, John. I wonder as well if the OGS branches list the digitized newspapers and it would be great if they did!

K said...

This article was of interest to me because just last week I purchased a table top book scanner, which can scan old newspapers and the scan is searchable. And now I have to make it pay for itself. I am still learning how to use it properly, but I will be taking orders if people have newspapers/books/documents that they want scanned into an electronic searchable format. To give you an idea, the book or newspaper lays flat on a table and the book scanner takes the scan from above - not on a glass screen like most scanners. It is safe for very old/fragile books because you don't have to spread the book open and upside down onto the usual type scanners.
Email me at karenprytula33@gmail.com for information. Thank you John!