19 December 2020

Co-Lab Update for December

Library and Archives Canada is now reporting progress since last month at Co-Lab, which is mostly since LAC last updated the files in the spring.

Canadian National Land Settlement Association NEW is 20% complete. Read about this collection.

Molly Lamb Bobak is 22% complete, 0% complete last month

Women Lightkeepers: heroes by the sea is 99% complete, 96% complete last month.

Diary of François-Hyacinthe Séguin is 56% complete, 16% complete last month.

George Mully: moments in Indigenous communities, remains 2% complete.

Correspondence regarding First Nations veterans returning after the First World War is 100% complete, 96% complete last month.

Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 is 77% complete, 71% complete last month.

Legendary Train Robber and Prison Escapee Bill Miner is 99% complete, 98% complete last month.

War Diaries of the First World War: 1st Canadian Division is 100% complete, 94% complete last month.

Japanese-Canadians: Second World War, remains 61% complete.

The Call to Duty: Canada's Nursing Sisters is 93% complete, 97% complete last month!

Image for Rosemary Gilliat (Eaton)’s Arctic diary and photographs

Rosemary Gilliat (Eaton)’s Arctic diary and photographs is 99% complete. 

New France and First Nations Relations, remains 78% complete.

Projects that remain 100% complete are no longer reported here.


Btyclk said...

Hi, John,

I hope that you are ready for Christmas. After all, it's less than a week away, now.

I noticed something on your blog today. You have the update for The Call to Duty: Canada's Nursing Sisters at 93% complete where last month it was 97%. Is this correct or did you transpose the percentage numbers?

Just being curious.


JDR said...

Published on the blog as on the LAC page. Perhaps an error there part.

Btyclk said...

Thanks for letting me know.