23 October 2008

Ancestry adds Canadian Civil Servants Lists, 1872-1900

A little known genealogy gem of Library and Archives Canada is a series of publications listing Canadian civil servants. These volumes were transferred to microfiche some years ago through the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions but have remained obscure to many looking to find their Canadian ancestors.

Now the volumes for 1872, and 1883-1890 have been added and made searchable through Ancestry.ca

Included are full names
of all persons employed in the various departments of the Canadian government, not just those employed in Ottawa. They are listed by department and most volumes include title or grade, salary, date at which the grade was attained, birth date, and date of first appointment.

The volume for 1872 is especially worth checking out as it also contains information on origin (French Canadian, English, Scottish, etc.) and creed (Church of England, Roman Catholic, Methodist, etc).

Volumes were produced from before Confederation to the end of the First World War so expect additions on Ancestry.

Amongst other sources for civil servants not digitized is one totally obscure source held at LAC, a manuscript
"Register of Civil Servants in Ottawa"in series RG34. It includes married civil servants under the age of 46 working in Ottawa and was created during World War One by the National Service Board of Canada to establish who might be eligible for conscription. It includes highly summarized information on dependents. Those already serving with the military are not included. Thanks to Glenn Wright for the information on this resource.

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