24 October 2008

Attleborough in War Time

Archive CD Books Canada has just released a CD version of an obscure title "Attleborough in War Time" written by Major John Henry Kennedy and published privately in 1919. This is the first British book they have issued, a possibility open to the Canadian partner now that the original Archive CD Books in the UK is no longer in operation.

Attleborough, in the great (I may be biased) county of Norfolk, sent 550 of the town’s men, out of a population of 2,500, to serve at the front and at home during WW1.

In his latest newsletter Archives CD Books Canada owner Malcolm Moody tells the story of how he came to gain access to the book, courtesy of BIFHSGO member Caroline Herbert who is a relative of Kennedy.

Malcolm writes "The book keeps alive the memory of these brave souls by recording the names and service records of each one as well as separately listing the Roll of Honor of those who gave their lives in the conflict. Not that the remaining inhabitants stood idly by. A good part of the book records the happenings in Attleborough in support of the war effort, the raising of funds, the establishment of hospitals and the special contributions by both individuals and local companies, all ably set, by the author, against the larger background of the progress of the fighting."

Apparently the book was privately printed in such limited numbers that no copies of the original are to be found in internet-accessible library catalogues. The new availability through Archive CD Books Canada is an example of the benefits of digitization for genealogy, and the long tail marketing capability afforded by the web.

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