26 October 2008

Digital newspaper collection in Quebec

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec are aiming to digitize the whole of the published and archival documentary heritage produced in Québec since the 17th century, including materials of foreign origin related to Québec. All categories of documents: printed and handwritten material, photographs, sound recordings and so on and included.

To date some eight million objects (book pages, magazines, newspapers or handwritten material, photographs, postcards, etc.) have been digitized. The resources are available free of charge on the Web or will be in the next few months. Priority is being given to newspapers and magazines from all Québec regions.

The material are available for viewing online, but are not full text searchable

The full list of newspapers is here. The English language newspaper material available with long runs are:

Canadian Illustrated News (1869-1883)

Daily Witness (1860-1913)

The Montreal Witness (1845-1938)

The Quebec Chronicle (1847-1924)

Quebec Mercury (1805-1903)

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