30 October 2008

Developing a research strategy lecture

J. Brian Gilchrist, historian, genealogist, author, radio & TV commentator will give the Ottawa Branch, OGS, second Annual Ryan Taylor Memorial Lecture Memorial Lecture "Developing a Research Strategy" this coming Saturday, 1 November 2008, in the Auditorium of Library and Archives Canada.

Every one of us reaches a point in our research when we think we are stuck. This session will present options: options based on a review of your own notes, and learning how to ask questions of people who can help: be it from networking with other genealogists, or with archivists and librarians, or on-line resources. There is a whole world of untouched resource material out there, and Mr. Gilchrist will help you learn how to access it.

Admission to this lecture, which starts at 10am, is free.

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