31 October 2008

Global Genealogy to focus resources on its online business

Rick and Sandra Roberts are well known to attendees at genealogy conferences in Ontario, for their website globalgenealogy.com and support for information sharing through their Global Gazette. On October 29 they announced they will be closing their physical storefront in Campbellville as of November 15 to focus the business online.

They explain that the growth in online orders from customers who enjoy the convenience of online shopping, even those who live within a thirty minute radius of their physical store, made keeping open the store increasingly uneconomic.

The good news in the announcement, especially for those of us too remote from the physical store to have ever visited, is the promise that "Global Genealogy will publish more new books and CDs in 2009 than in previous years. More genealogy workshops and lectures, are planned, both locally and at a distance. And we will be able to get out to exhibit at more genealogy and history conferences than we have been able to in the past."

Best wishes to Rick and Sandra as they move with the times.

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