04 October 2008

Google and Ancestry

The Industry Standard posted an interesting article on the potential for Google to try and take on some of the territory Ancestry rules.

From the article:

  • Ancestry.com has approximately 890,000 paid subscribers and 750 million page views per month.
  • Sullivan (CEO of The Generations Network) said (the company) was concerned about Google's potential plans, pointing out that the company had been very successful at indexing text documents: "Any printed material will end up on Google or the Web," Sullivan declared.
  • When asked about Google, Sullivan said, "We view that their mission and ours is quite complimentary." However, he declined to discuss the nature of communications between the two companies.
Part of that unannounced communication is that Ancestry is now putting newspaper content from Paper of Record, owned by Google, on their site as mentioned in my 11 July posting.

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