20 October 2008

LAC Services Advisory Board

The Board will meet in Montreal next Friday.

Unfortunately, and contrary to a decision of the Board, the agenda and background papers for the meeting have, yet again, not been posted on the LAC web site well ahead of the meeting. I'm hoping that this is a reflection of the election time embargo on department publicity postings, many federal departments have not restarted such postings, and not a deliberate LAC policy.

Here is the meeting agenda in outline.

1. Welcome and Introductions – Doug Rimmer
2. Update on service improvements – Alison Bullock, A/Director, Client Services Division
3. New Researcher Service Agreement - Adrienne Seel, Senior Policy Officer, Strategic Office
4. Acquisition Policies at BAnQ – Normand Charbonneau
5. LAC Acquisition Policies – Gillian Cantello, A/Director General, Published Heritage
6. Business Arising from previous SAB meetings – Doug Rimmer
7. Services Branch Service Strategy – Engagement and Coordination Office, Services Branch
8. Introduction of Strategic and Operational Sub-Committees – Doug Rimmer
9. Next SAB and sub-committee meeting – February 2009
10. Other Topics

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Since the good people at LAC have done this before, it makes one think that this is their method of operation. Good for you to try to find a reason (the election) but there is the more obvious one in that LAC sees this Advisory Board as an mere after thought and of little consequence. Otherwise, due notice and respect would be the standard operating procedure.