25 October 2008

LAC Proposed Exhibitions

The government announcement log-jam is broken. Library and Archives Canada have made a substitution on their main page drawing attention to a survey on possible future programming.

The topics being considered are the lives and careers of Canada’s Prime Ministers; Canadian achievements in radio, film, television, and music; Canada’s founding documents; Sir Winston Churchill; and the Rocky Mountains.

The survey asks for additional suggestions. Mine were: Canada Builders, A Nation of Immigrants, Canada's Ten Greatest Musicians, Canada's Ten Greatest Engineers, Captains of Industry, Who Do You Think You Are Canada?

I'm wondering if such suggestions are a waste of time. The impression I get is that some anonymous public servant looks them over and then discards them. Maybe the penultimate step is skipped. Wouldn't it be better public relations if LAC listed all the (printable) suggestions on their website and gave an opportunity for a further round of feedback with ongoing public availability of the vote results.

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