18 August 2010

British Canal Ancestors?

Of all the resources at Library and Archives Canada one that doesn't get much mention is the fifth floor cafeteria. Although the food is, how can I put it, uninspired, it's a great place to meet interesting people. You never know what new information you're going to come away with, or different perspectives on topics with which you thought you were familiar.

Last week I struck up a conversation and learned about the British virtual waterways website. Just as the Rideau Canal was instrumental in Ottawa's development, so Britain's canals and waterways where engines of growth for the British economy from the 17th century. Perhaps your ancestor worked on a canal barge or in maintaining and operating the system: there's one in a distant branch of my family tree, not a direct ancestor.

Find the British virtual waterways website, including a link to a video explaining the resources available at: www.virtualwaterways.co.uk/home.html

Thanks to Gillian for mentioning this site, and also informing me of an ongoing immigration of people from the British military to the Canadian military.

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