02 August 2010

TNA Podcast: Thomas Cook Archives

This presentation, recorded on 25 March 2010 at TNA, has Paul Smith, company archivist of Thomas Cook UK & Ireland, giving a general account of the holdings of the Thomas Cook Archives in Peterborough

The presentation starts with a brief company history, from its first excursion on 5 July 1841 from Leicester to Loughborough, a temperance outing, to the present day.

You get a clear idea of the archive holdings. Seemingly, there is very little chance of finding the name of a client, and only a good chance of finding the name of an employee if they were senior, such as a branch manager.

The holdings of interest to the family historian are travel brochures, timetables and information on costs which would be helpful in filling in the picture if you know an ancestor took a particular trip.

Listen the the podcast at: www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/podcasts/tourists-and-booking-clerks.htm

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