22 August 2010

Researching CEF Ancestors? Check out The Regimental Rogue

If you're researching Canadian soldiers of the First World War a great starting place is the nine part series now online at The Regimental Rogue.

Stay tuned for news of a soon to be forthcoming book, authored by Glenn Wright, written with the genealogist in mind, which will cover all Canada's WW1 military.


Anonymous said...

Having experienced some frustration researching a few WWI people, it is a relief and delight to look at this site. Even at a glance I can tell it will answer many questions and will be very useful to many of us. Thank you for posting it!
I'll look forward to Glenn Wright's book. Anne S.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the URL John.
The site seems very anonymous though. Any idea who - or what organization - is behind it. Not sure how much I trust a site which doesn't give a background or some indication of it's foundation.

Michael O'Leary said...

Good afternoon, and thank you for posting links to my pages at The Regimental Rogue. I am serving military officer who has been maintaining The Regimental Rogue for over a decade, using it to share some of my own work and related items of military interest. With regard to "anonymity," my byline can be found on many of the papers on the site. Thanks again, I hope some of your readers find the information on my pages to be helpful.

Unknown said...

Thank you Michael. Not intended to be rude, or show any form of disrespect. Just a health mistrust of anything I find on the Internet and a hard learned lesson on the hidden meaning in the word "assume." :) Great site. Very helpful - especially on the organization and heritage of Canadian military units.

Michael O'Leary said...

Good evening John, Just a short note to let you know the series of articles has grown to 16 parts.