24 August 2010

Toronto Trust Cemeteries FamilySearch Indexing Project - update

Here is an update from Jane MacNamara on a project I wrote about here last year.

"So far in 2010, we have transcribed just over 32,000 names. There have been 52 contributing indexers this year, including four who have managed to do more than 2,500 names each. In fact one indexer has contributed 7,300 names!

FamilySearch Indexing is an evolving program, and we see regular upgrades. All indexers who were part of the project before March have had to go through a process to change to FamilySearch Accounts which can also be used to contribute to the Wiki and other purposes. This definitely caused a few hiccups, but it has been worthwhile.

New indexers are certainly welcome. There's no pressure to do great quantities. Even a page a week (about 12 names) would be greatly appreciated. It is easy to do from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection--and really fascinating. To find out how to join the Toronto Trust project, visit the Toronto Branch Projects blog: http://torontofamilyhistory.org/projects/."

Congratulations to Jane and her team on this progress.

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