24 August 2010

Edmonton Municipal Cemeteries Database

Having found a great-grandfather in a database for a location I never dreamed he'd have ventured to, I'm a firm believer in running the distinctive names you search in every database you find.  

You can search electronic records of people interred more than 25 years ago (close to 60,000 people) that are in Edmonton (Alberta) Municipal Cemeteries. Beechmount, Edmonton, Cloverbar, Little Mountain and Mount Pleasant cemeteries may be searched together or singly. Against each name it returns burial date, cemetery, section, block and plot. It's easy to identify families interred in the same block and the same or adjacent plots. The facility is free.

1 comment:

Persephone said...

See here, Mr Reid, I'm trying to complete my NaBloPoMo, and obviously I shouldn't check your web site at all! Couldn't find a trace of my husband's great-grandparents, but found his mysterious great-great-uncle, the one only I seem to know about, buried in Beechmount Cemetery. I think it's his wife there too, and possibly his son. Gotta go, nine more posts to write!