10 August 2010

Social Networking Tools for Genealogy

Do you take advantage of social networking for genealogy? As you're reading this blog posting the answer must be yes. What about other social networking tools?

Drew Smith, perhaps best known as half of The Genealogy Guys and Assistant Librarian, Academic Services, at the University of South Florida in Tampa, has just posted online his paper "Using Social Networking Tools to Promote Genealogy and Local History Collections and to Instruct Researchers in Their Use." It's prepared for the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions conference about to start in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The paper describes a wide variety of social networking tools as they are already being used by genealogy and local history libraries. These include blogs, wikis, photo and video sharing sites, social bookmarking sites (Delicious), book sharing sites (LibraryThing), social networking sites (Facebook and Genealogy Wise), podcasting, screencasting (Jing).

You'll probably find social networking resources that could help your genealogy endeavours, or that you wish the library you use would adopt. Find the article as a PDF here

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Paul Jones said...

If you are on Facebook, you may not be aware that "Cyndi's List" recently became a member. Cyndi recently started posting links to interesting religious and occupational lists and all are still available on her Wall. A typical example: "Cyndi's List Lutheran ancestors? http://www.cyndislist.com/lutheran.htm".