29 August 2010

OGS Families and Canadians At War, 1914-1919

A note from Elizabeth Lapointe arrived confirming her appointment as editor of OGS Families. My usually reliable sources were spot on.

She also mentioned that the November issue, the first one for which she will have full editorial responsibility, will feature articles on Home Children and Canada At War.

The Canada At War section will include an article by Glenn Wright on finding Ontario War Dead, 1914 to 1950, as well as a book review of his new book, "Canadians At War, 1914-1919: A Research Guide to War Service Records".

I've not seen Glenn's book, except a very early version about 18 months ago. From what he's told me it's changed quite a bit since then. He has also mentioned the process of publishing with Global Heritage Press - I'm amazed at how quickly present day technology means you can go from a manuscript to a published book.

Your, and my, first opportunity to purchase a copy should be at the Global Genealogy stand at the BIFHSGO conference, 10-12 September, at Library and Archives Canada.

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Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to his book. I have many files of relatives who fought in WWI and I can't wait to have a better understanding on how to interpret them!