01 September 2011

10 great ways to create family history videos

Are you, or your family history society, looking for a way to expand how you express yourself or find a more exciting way to present your information?

I stumbled on a blog posting 10 Great Ways to Create Library Videos. There's nothing very library-specific about the web tools mentioned. They are:

1. Sketchcast.com
2. Flixtime.com
3. Animoto.com
4. OneTrueMedia.com
5. Prezi.com
6. ScreenR.com
7. Masher.com
8. Stupeflix.com
9. Slidesix.com
10. Camstudio.org 

If you're looking for a way to be more creative take a look. Maybe take a look anyway, it might just spark your imagination.

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