07 September 2011


Jim McKane, President of CanadianHeadstones.com, a Canadian non-profit organization, sent me a note about their site which has over 142,500 266,000 headstone photo records from across Ontario free to search and view.
I took a look and it's well done. Ottawa area cemeteries are well represented with over 4,700 entries from Beechwood cemetery, more than 1,000 from Notre Dame and 750 from Pinecrest.

Also, mentioned here before, is another good source for Canadian, mainly Ontario, headstone photos, the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery.

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Anonymous said...

Anne S. says, "Thank you for advising us of these helpful sites. Although pleasant at times to tramp around cemeteries, our climate and geography is such that we are limited in such ventures. The photos are well done. "