10 September 2011

The Ontario Heritage Directory Online,

The following is a notice from the Ontario Historical Society:

The Ontario Historical Society (OHS) is excited to announce a new online service: The Ontario Heritage Directory Online, a free database resource that will connect Ontario’s heritage community, tourists and researchers at www.ontariohistoricalsociety.ca.
The Ontario Heritage Directory Online features a database of over 1,600 heritage organizations, heritage sites, museums, archives, First Nations Councils and Municipal Heritage Committees in Ontario. The Society encourages you to explore your local heritage sites to learn more!
In preparation for the bicentennial of the War of 1812-14, any organizations, historic sites and museums celebrating bicentennial-related events, exhibits or publications will be highlighted with a War of 1812 icon.
The online Ontario Heritage Directory features an updating tool that allows organizations to keep their contact information current. Users of the directory can select the “Keep this record up to date” feature and submit any change of address, email address, etc.
The Society would like to acknowledge the support and contribution of The Ontario Heritage Connection Society (OHC) and its Board of Directors. The OHC was established in 2002 with a mandate to serve as a network for the exchange of information about Ontario’s culture, history,built heritage, archaeology and natural environment.  It launched its website, featuring a Heritage Connections database soon after. The OHC excelled in fulfilling its mandate and in March 2011, signed a mutual agreement transferring the assets of the OHC to The Ontario Historical Society.
The Ontario Historical Society would also like to acknowledge the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture through the Museum and Technology Fund.

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