18 September 2011

BIFHSGO conference Day 2

It was a happy group of about 50 that gathered at a local restaurant on Saturday evening for an informal conference dinner, a mixture of longer tables and tables for four, some squeezing in another at the end.

That followed a day which went, if not quite as smoothly as clockwork as smoothly as can be expected. The one noticeable hiccup was a brief power failure when an electric circuit was overloaded. Only one presentation was interrupted and speaker Gary Schroder, consummate professional, carried on until the circuit was reset.

I enjoyed chairing the session "London's Research Secrets" in which Helen Osborn revealed some of the lesser known London libraries and archives she uses and which are good to visit for atmosphere, which you can hardly experience online, as well as resources.

Linda Reid spoke to a small but very select audience in a presentation on her unexpected find of a Mormon ancestor, a talk which deserves greater exposure.

Audrey Collins' presentations were enthusiastically received. Some presentations scheduled for the smaller lecture room, notably that on Family Tree Maker by Doug Hoddinott, were crammed with latecomers standing.

Handouts for many of the sessions are being posted in the members area of the BIFHSGO website.

Sunday is the final day. Audrey Collins will be moving on to speak in Toronto on Monday to a Toronto Branch OGS audience.

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