Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It should be BIG

Scotland must be too small to hold him!

Chris Paton, who has an established Scottish GENES blog, is expanding with a companion British GENES. As Chris now writes the news section for the UK Family Tree magazine this is a natural extension of his exploration of what's new in the world of UK and Ireland(?) genealogy.

Given that "British" is an ill defined term, according to some, I wonder why Chris didn't name it British Isles GENES, then it would be already BIG.

Chris is also producing, through, an online newspaper British GENES Daily, composed of Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds. The headline as I write this, "Kate to release brand new album: "50 Words For Snow" in November", isn't exactly my idea of genealogy. If it's being produced by computer it's certainly not by IBM's Watson.

British GENES is one to watch. All the best Chris.

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