22 September 2011

University of London Student Records 1836-1931

If you had ancestors who attended the University of London, or its affiliate institutions, predecessors of universities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Heriot-Watt, Southampton, Exeter, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, Bangor, Aberystwyth, Surrey, Queen's University Belfast, and University College Dublin, you may find them listed on one or more of the databases listed at: http://www.shl.lon.ac.uk/specialcollections/archives/studentrecords.shtml

The largest database is for Graduates 1836-1931 which consists of some very large pdf files in imperfect searchable format and a non-searchable format.

The entries, in alphabetical order, are very brief; for example: 
Hornby,  Lucy M. ;  B.A. * 19.

Check the collection out for files of others who did not graduate, those who served in WW1, etc. There is information on additional information that may be available offline.

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