30 September 2011

Lucille Campey's future publications

Lucille Campey, an English resident writer of Canadian origin best know for her series of books on the Scots in Canada, is a frequent visitor and has spoken several times to groups in Ottawa and across Canada.

Lucille is working on a series on the English in Canada, the first was Planters, Paupers, and Pioneers: English Settlers in Atlantic Canada. The second in the series, Seeking a  Better Future: The English Pioneers of Ontario and Quebec, is scheduled for publication next August. The third and final book will cover, inter alia, English emigration to the prairies.

Lucille will be in Canada next summer and will likely speak to BIFHSGO, perhaps even at the annual conference.

For more on Lucille's books already in print see: http://www.dundurn.com/authors/lucille_h_campey

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