17 September 2011

BIFHSGO conference Day 1

The highlight of the first day of the BIFHSGO conference was Phil Jenkins' presentation of the topic "Thanks for the Memories." In song, prose and with humour Phil made the case for ancestral memory, an organic transfer of traits which incline us to follow along life paths pursued by ancestors.

While for many one or more pre-conference seminars held their attention, for some, including conference registrar Kathy Wallace, it was receiving recognition of achievement in genealogical studies, and entitlement to use the postnominal PLCGS (Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies). Here Kathy is seen being congratulated by Louise St Denis, Managing Director of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies during a graduation ceremony.

BIFHSGO director of Communications, Susan Davis, shares a bench with young but preoccupied company while grabbing the opportunity for a phone call.

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