09 May 2012

Digitized War of 1812 records at LAC

Library and Archives Canada announce access to 73,000 new images of War of 1812 records on its website. The images available are:

For each collection there is a help file which gives an outline of the contents reel by reel.  There is no name index. Unless you know the battalion or other unit in which a person served the search is likely to be arduous.  As described here checking the RG8 military C series may may yield that information.

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Old Census Scribe said...

I've been busy lately so I missed this blog of yours. Another website mentioned the LAC's latest offering, so I just had a look.
In 2012 can't the LAC find people, or maybe just one person, with the nouse to convert a pile of microfilm into an interesting set of online documents? The page or two I had the patience to look at had been typed so once upon a time they could afford people and typewriters.
Maybe they are disposing of all their staff so they can sit at home and do genealogy with material like this.
/cheers from a Canadian pensioner in the UK who can't afford another trip home because she had two unemployed children in the 35+ age bracket.