21 May 2012

Erpingham Poor Law Union transcriptions

This transcription site, recently updated, cropped up on the Norfolk Rootsweb list through a posting by Bill Atkins. It contains, with a mix of other things, transcriptions of the minutes of meetings of the Board of Guardians for Erpingham Poor Law Union in North Norfolk for 1836-1844. The parishes are indicated on the map. There is a separate list of names found, both Poor Law officials and paupers.

There are miscellaneous other files on the site. including one, appropriate to Victoria Day, on camping. Except this isn't to do with battling mosquitoes while under canvas but an ancient sport, a combination of boxing and rugby football.

The web site is at http://www.oldshuck.webspace.virginmedia.com/ 

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Ellen Thorne Morris said...

Fantastic map, and can be enlarged to 10 inches for easy reading. This would be a great way to track English families on older maps.