25 May 2012

Monday 28 May: Archivists’ On to Ottawa Trek Day of Action

A couple of folks have brought this event to my attention. I plan on being there at noon for the part at LAC.

The primary event will take place in Ottawa in and around Library and Archives Canada & Parliament Hill. If you are only able to come for a small part of the activity, that is just as welcome as those that are able to come for the whole day.
The schedule will be as follows:
11:00 AM - Gather at Major’s Hill Park in the oval behind Chateau Laurier (between the Chateau and the National Gallery).
11:30 PM - March to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) past Parliament Hill.
12:00 PM - Funeral for archival funding in Canada outside LAC, beside the Secret Bench. We will have speakers and a eulogy will be read. Feel free to bring flowers to lay near the bench. We will also pay our respects to Sir Arthur Doughty after the funeral.
1:00 PM - Appointment to visit LAC. If you wish to stay longer and look at some records while you’re there, we encourage you to make your own, separate appointment.
1:30 PM - Picnic at the Garden of Provinces and Territories. Bring your own lunch. We will have time to network and unwind for those that would like to spend the rest of the afternoon at the garden.
Since the Archivists’ On to Ottawa Trek is a grassroots movement not being arranged by a formal organization, we welcome participation in whatever way people are able. You can bring instruments to play music, noisemakers, symbols of archival service, etc. If you have your own action that you would like to carry out within this framework, that is welcome as well.
Please remember: Wear comfortable shoes and bring water bottles (& umbrellas if it looks rainy). Everyone is encouraged to make signs, posters, or flags to express your desire for the return of the NADP or displeasure at the federal government’s cuts to archival services in Canada.
Have a look at the list of organizations across Canada and around the world showing their support.

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