27 May 2012

On to Ottawa Trek

A reminder about Monday's Canadian archivists' 'On to Ottawa Trek'. For details see http://archiviststrek2012.tumblr.com/details.

Genealogists must support this initiative, even though it only focuses on part of the problem at LAC, eliminating funding for the National Archival Development Program. As the saying goes, we must hang together or we'll hang separately.

It would be a mistake to see this as a zero sum game within the LAC funding envelope. Inter-library Loan, dispersal of a national collection, reduction in consultation service provided by qualified librarians and archivists at LAC, and pretense of more digitization when half the staff so occupied are being let go, are just as important funding priorities.

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BDM said...

Be sure to let us know your impressions tomorrow, John. CBC Radio covered some of the issues this (Sunday)morning.