25 May 2012

Potential children's program at the Rideau Canal Festival

Here, via the Ottawa Branch OGS blog, is an opportunity for genealogists with a teaching background.

Ottawa Branch OGS has been asked if we could provide a children’s heritage program at the Rideau Canal Festival, on the August long weekend leading up to Colonel By Day (August 4th and 5th).  The audience would be primarily families with children visiting on a drop-in basis.  We would be expected to provide the content of the program and any supplies needed.
Major themes of both the Rideau Canal Festival and Colonel By Day include celebrating the achievements of Lt. Colonel John By and the hundreds of workers who built the Rideau Canal, as well as highlighting the heritage of the five canal “builder groups”: English, Irish, Scottish, French Canadian, and Native Canadian.  A programming tie-in to either of these themes would be ideal.
This is an excellent opportunity to do some outreach with children and youth in the city, and to gain exposure for our organization.  Because the site is in a high-traffic area for tourists and locals, and the dates are a holiday long weekend, any programming has a high probability of attracting interest from passers-by.
Unfortunately, I have yet to find anybody who has any ideas of what to do or who might be interested in helping develop a proposal. My work experience is not with children (although some childish adults, at times), so I have few ideas.
Anyone with any suggestions can reach me at pastchair@ogsottawa.on.ca

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