18 May 2012

Kudos to Ottawa Branch of OGS

Yesterday I wrote on the blog that.

"The organizations representing the Canadian genealogical community are notably silent on the situation (regarding LAC). Is that what you as a member expect of your society?"
I'd like to acknowledge today that one genealogical organization, and only one as far as I can determine, the Ottawa Branch of OGS, has posted on the situation.  It's on their blog at http://www.ogsottawa.blogspot.ca/2012/05/saving-library-and-archives-canada.html, a follow on to a post the previous day that urged "each and every one of you to make your voice heard in opposing the budget cuts to the Library and Archives Canada recently announced in the Federal Budget."

Silence will be taken as acquiescence by the government. Is that the message BCGS, AFHS, MGS, OGS (provincial), BIFHSGO, QFHS, GANS and others want to send?
Many societies have forthcoming AGMs. Will the societies be prepared to state their position if asked?

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