22 May 2012

Forthcoming British family history books

New books for family historians are continually appearing. Here are some recent and soon to appear volumes found by searching Amazon, none of which I've had a chance to read. These are the ones that attract my interest, there are many more. The comments are mainly from the publishers blurb.

Family History: Digging Deeper by Simon Fowler (Paperback - 1 Feb 2012)
Not for the beginner, designed to take a family historians research to the next level with clear advice and explanation of the processes involved from a crack team of Britain's top genealogists.

Kilts on the Coast: The Scots Who Built BC by Jan Peterson (15 Jun 2012)
Focuses on events and people who sparked settlement and growth in BC's first Crown Colony over six critical years, 1848 to 1854, and delves deep into the roots of the Island's Scottish presence, tracing the lives of such pioneers as Dr. William Tolmie, Robert Dunsmuir and their descendants.

The Genealogist's Internet: The Essential Guide to Researching Your Family History Online by Peter Christian (24 Jun 2012)

A new edition of this popular book, practical guide identifies the major websites and online sources of data available to family historians. It is ideal for both beginners and more experienced researchers as it explores the most useful sources and helps readers to navigate each one.

The Acadian Diaspora: An Eighteenth-Century History (Oxford Studies in International History) by Christopher Hodson (Jul 2012)
Christopher Hodson has taken a long-familiar episode--the expulsion of French settlers from eastern Canada following the Seven Years War--and transformed it into a story of very deep historical significance. As he follows those expelled to their many far-flung destinations, he manages to connect their diaspora with imperialism, slavery, nascent capitalism, and other forces that were just then reshaping the early modern world. 

Tracing Your Prisoner of War Ancestors: The First World War by Sarah Paterson (19 Jul 2012)
From Pen and Sword, no further information

Looking beyond the next 90 days there are more interesting books coming in time for Christmas!

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