18 April 2013

1921 Census of Canada News: One Step Closer

Approaching June 2, and the official transfer of custody of the 1921 census of Canada to Library and Archives Canada, we're all anxiously awaiting news of how and when it will be made publicly available.
A reliable LAC source informs me that "the 1921 census was microfilmed and later digitized as part of various research projects. This entails that the digitization portion of releasing the 1921 census over the Internet is already done."
While delay in geographical indexing and mounting on the LAC website may still occur having digitization already done means prospects for early access are now much improved. Once it's available there should be no impediment to organizations of all types undertaking name indexing.

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M.C. Moran said...

Thanks for this update. If the 1921 census has already been digitized, this is better news than I had expected.