17 April 2013

Ottawa Branch OGS April Meeting

Next Saturday, 20 April will be a busy one at the Ottawa City Archives, 100 Tallwood Drive, off Woodroffe Avenue.

The Scottish interest group meeting gets underway at 10 am in Room 226 with a silent auction of Scottish and some other books.

At 1 pm folks begin to gather on the ground floor for the 1:30 start of proceedings for the Ottawa Branch OGS monthly meeting featuring a presentation Clara's Rib by Anne Raina.

Clara's Rib is the true story of a young girl growing up in a tuberculosis hospital.  Clara entered the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium in 1939 when she was 12 and was discharged for the final time in 1952, just after turning 26 years of age.  Anne will also talk about how she came to an understanding of this disease that ravaged her family.
More about the presentation, and how members can attend remotely, at  http://ogsottawa.on.ca/

Immediately following, nominally at 3:15 pm, there's a meeting of the Computer Special Interest Group.

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Anonymous said...

Anne Sterling says: I heard Anne's excellent talk at the Manotick Probus Club. It gave a greater understanding of this disease which caused the death of people in my family in Saskatchewan, Toronto and Cleveland. Anne's family members were in the Ottawa Sanatorium which makes the topic very meaningful to all of us.