25 April 2013

Ontario Genealogical Society Annual Report for 2012

Congratulations to OGS for posting their annual report online (pdf) for all to see. As Canada's largest genealogical society they are showing the way, other societies can use it to benchmark their activities.

There's good news. OGS continues to enjoy the support of many volunteers who take on responsibilities large and small. While the Society could always use more the report is full of mention of volunteer activities.

The Society is adopting technology to cut costs and reach out to existing and new members. Operating expenses showed a decrease of 18.7% despite a 6.6% increase in office and administration expenses.

The President's report mentions that "OGS has strengthened its approach to advocacy. Together, we as a Society can continue to try to affect change. I have also made attempts to reach out to other heritage groups across the country so that we might speak together with one effective voice when issues arise." Details are not given.

The not so good news is that membership revenue continues to decline, this year by 3.7%.

Following the financial statements is a helpful simplified discussion of "Where Does the Money Go?" It shows that wages and rent account for almost all the membership fee of $60. All other costs are borne by sales, grants and draw-down of reserves account for the remainder  a total expenditure of $106 per member to keep the Society running.

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