15 April 2013

BCGS 2013 Seminar Features Wright and Anderson

Following their appearance at what is shaping up to be a sold-out event in Courtney, BC, next Saturday Glenn Wright & Lesley Ancestry Anderson will be wending their way, via Campbell River on Tuesday evening, Nanaimo and a research stop in Victoria, to Burnaby the following Saturday 27 April.
The event, organized by the British Columbia Genealogical Society, will see historian and former military archivist Glenn Wright presenting:
The British Army in Canada 1750-1871
Canadians at War - 1885 Rebellion, South African 1899-1902, First & Second World Wars
Glenn and Lesley will be teaming up for a presentation on:
Pre 1865 Immigration
Lesley's solo contribution is:
What’s new at Ancestry?
Glenn tells me it's some years since he's been to BC so don't miss the opportunity to benefit from his experience, and Lesley's insider knowledge of Ancestry. There's more information at http://www.bcgs.ca/?page_id=2511

UPDATE: To Anonymous who suggests in a comment that Anderson and Wright sounds better than Wright and Anderson in the title; yes, it is the more conventional alphabetical order. In this case in Burnaby, Wright is giving two talks, Anderson one, and one is co-presented. Those of us with surnames toward the end of the alphabet get accustomed to second billing, but why should we forever be subject to alphabetic discrimination?

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Anonymous said...

I think it sounds much better to say "Anderson and Wright"! ;)