23 April 2013

Canadian Week in Review

Ottawa-area blogger Elizabeth Lapointe, after a year of writing a weekly overview of new Canadian genealogical resources on her Genealogy Canada blog has decided to refreshed it. It continues to appear weekly with a new title "Canadian Week in Review" covering "websites, blogs, Facebook, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me." It's in addition to her other posts on the site.
Congratulations are also due to Elizabeth for recognition of the blog as one of the best by the (US) Family Tree magazine.


Susan J. said...

I was very inspired after reading a book (ebook) recommended on this site - "The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor" by Sally Armstrong. While fictionalized but based on Ms Armstrong's ancestor's life in early New Brunswick of the 1700/1800s, it is very well written and evokes a picture of what life was like. Charlotte had 10 children (by 4 different husbands), all of whom lived to adulthood. She was certainly a hardy pioneering woman for her time and made me think about my own ancestors in northern Newfoundland and how similar life was for them in all likelihood too. All in all, an excellent recommendation for a good read!

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Thank you John for passing the word along, and for giving the post a good review.

See you next Saturday.