06 April 2013

One World - One Family

There's an opportunity to combine an out of town trip with a summer genealogy event. Saturday August 24, 2013 sees the 4th annual One World - One Family conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brampton, Ontario.

You'll see some familiar names on the speakers list, in alphabetical order:
Grace Chan; Don Crawford; Mavis Finlayson; Steve Fulton; Nuala Farrell-Griffin; Dorothy Kew; Lori Oschefski; Shirley-Ann Pyefinch; John D. Reid; Donald Snow; James F. S. Thomson; Linda Westover; Christine Woodcock.
The topics are geographically diverse. See an almost complete list of the workshops and addresses at http://www.oneworldonefamily-theevent.com/Conference/Details/4

Why not make a holiday of it by visiting the Stratford or Shaw festivals, taking in one or more of the many cultural opportunities at museums, or reconnect at places in the family history.

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