24 April 2013

Winnipeg Architects

There's detail on Winnipeg architects, about 50 of them, and their work which I found while searching for something else. I was drawn there as Ottawa-born George Northwood, likely a very distant cousin, practiced in Winnipeg after being in partnership in his native Ottawa with prominent architect Werner Noffke in the early 20th century.
It's part of a new site http://www.winnipegarchitecture.ca/ mentioned as a news item on the Manitoba Historical Society website.
I got there while looking for confirmation of an archived item tweeted by Library and Archives Canada that on April 22, 1932 it rained geese in Elgin, Manitoba. The earliest reference was from 2002, and there are many websites that repeat the item. Surely if true for something so unusual there would be a contemporary news report! Nothing found!

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