20 April 2013

Ontario Local and Family History at Canadiana.ca

Canadiana.org, which aims to preserve Canada's print history and make it accessible online, has posted a collection titled Ontario Local and Family History.  It provides and enhances access to materials that "chronicle the rich historical texture of settlement, industry, culture and local government in Upper Canada and early Ontario."
There's a blog post at http://www.canadiana.ca/en/ON-local-history which gives an overview of the 688 documents - anything in the whole collection with Ontario as a subject term. You can browse all titles and in many cases read a preview of the document, or search the digitized text.
It's a diverse grouping, voters lists, government reports, atlases and directories, recollections of settler's experiences, sermons and speeches, literature, copies of periodicals including The Canadian Illustrated News and, for those with Barnardo home child interest, a few copies of Ups and Downs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and more.
An individual annual subscription to Canadiana.ca is $100. A few public libraries and universities are subscribers and it can be accessed for free on site at Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street in Ottawa.

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