25 September 2013

6,944,464 becomes 6,945,754 at BNA

For months the page count at the British Newspaper Archive has been stuck. We've been told they're "busy working on upgrading our newspaper ingest and post-processing system."

Last week they announced that "new pages will begin to appear on the site later this week." It didn't quite happen, but now an additional 1,290 pages have appeared, for the Southern Reporter for 1926.

It's a modest restart. They announce they will be "gradually increasing to almost double the previous process limits of about 10,000 pages/day."

Also, from BNA partner in the brightsolid stable, findmypast.com, there is now an Irish newspaper collection. The papers and number of pages are: Belfast Morning News (244,591); Belfast News-Letter(450,369); Cork Examiner(421,346); Dublin Evening Mail(226,519); Freeman's Journal(553,667); Sligo Champion(16,652)

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