21 September 2013

Rockstar Genealogists 2013: USA

Here, based on votes cast by those who self-identified as living in the USA, are the top vote getters, Rockstar Genealogists, for 2013.

1. Elizabeth Shown Mills
2. Thomas W. Jones
3. Judy Russell
4. John Philip Colletta
5. Megan Smolenyak
6. D. Joshua Taylor
7. J. Mark Lowe
8. Thomas MacEntee
9. Dick Eastman
10. Cyndi Howells

Here are some statistics:
All ten are from the US.
Four of the ten are women.
88% of people nominated received votes.
75% of respondents identified themselves as women.
The median number of votes cast was six
The most nominees selected by any one voter was 52.
Nolan Altman, Claire V. Brisson-Banks, Melinde Lutz Byrne, Karen Clifford, Laura DeGrazia, Linda Woodward Geiger, Paul Gorry, Patricia Law Hatcher, Harold Henderson, Mary Hill, Tonia Kendrick, Helen Leary, Dave McDonald, Linda Merle, Brian Mitchell, Debbie Mieszala, Anne Mordel, Sunny Morton, Eileen O Duill, Michael Ramage, Pamela Boyer Sayre and Richard G. Sayre, George K. Schweitzer, Maureen Taylor were mentioned as people who should have been nominated.
On Monday the blog reveals the international top ten Rockstar Genealogists based on national/area voting with population weightings.

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