20 September 2013

Rockstar Genealogists 2013: UK and Ireland

Here, based on votes cast by those who self-identified as living in the UK or Ireland, are the top vote getters, Rockstar Genealogists, for 2013.
1. Kirsty Gray
2. Debbie Kennett
3. Else Churchill
3. Dick Eastman
5. Nick Barratt
6. Chris Paton
7. Jackie Depelle
8. Celia Heritage
9. Turi King
10. Audrey Collins
Here are some statistics:
Nine of the ten are from the area.
Seven of the ten are women.
81% of people nominated received votes.
54% of respondents identified themselves as women.
The median number of votes cast was five
The most nominees selected by any one voter was 17.
Brian Donovan, Janet Few, Tessa Keogh, Eileen M. O'Duill, and Rebecca Probert, were mentioned as people who should have been nominated.
Tomorrow the blog will reveal the US top ten Rockstar Genealogists..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello John

why is the UK and Ireland 'lumped' together. It appears that the numerical advantage of the UK was always going to drown out any Irish specialists.

If you think how big John Grenham is -- as a genealogist, an author, a lecturer and a blogger -- and he didn't get a mention in the top 10.

Perhaps next year?