27 September 2013

Chinook, October 2013 issue

The October issue of the Alberta Family Histories Society quarterly journal Chinook, vol. 34, no. 1, is now available to members. "Technological Advances in Genealogical Research" with an emphasis on mobile  technology is the theme. The feature articles, many by internationally recognized genealogists, are:

The Future of Genealogical Software – James Tanner
Tablet Tips for Mobile Genealogy – Lisa Louise Cooke
The Seduced Genealogist – Randall J. Seaver
15 iPad Tips for Genealogy – Caroline M. Pointer
Ethics in the Information Age: Intellectual Property Issues – Michael Hait
What’s Out There  – Linda Murray
Keep Your Digital Records Safe: Strategies for Backing Up Your Data – Dawn Turner
Computer Tricks – Jim Benedict
An Acadian Family: Finding the Meransons in the English Archives – Paul Delaney

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