18 September 2013

Rockstar Genealogists 2013: Australia and New Zealand

Here, based on votes cast by those who self-identified as living in Australia or New Zealand, are the top vote getters, Rockstar Genealogists, for 2013.
1. Jill Ball
2. Shauna Hicks
3. Chris Paton
4. Thomas MacEntee
5. Pauleen Cass
5. Sharn White
7. Judy Webster
8. Cyndi Howells
8. Eric Kopittke
The list includes all those, up to ten who received at least half the number of votes as the top vote getter. In this case only nine.
Here are some statistics:
Six of the nine are from the area.
Six of the nine are women.
56% of people nominated received votes.
81% of respondents identified themselves as women.
The median number of votes cast was six
The most nominees selected by any one voter was 26.
Russ Worthington and Caitlin Gow were mentioned as people who should have been nominated.
Fortunately I did not have to deal with a preferential voting system.
Tomorrow the blog will reveal the Canadian top ten Rockstar Genealogists.

1 comment:

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Thanks John, I'm delighted to have been given a place in the Aussie list. Congratulations to all those listed.