29 September 2013

Ontario British Home Children Day

The third annual British Home Children Day was celebrated in ideal weather at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg on Saturday.

The commemoration started at the old Aultsville station with the two national flags piped in and the singing of God Save the Queen.

Beside the two flags and a tree planted on the first British Home Child Day there were brief welcoming speeches by dignitaries, including Jim Brownell, the MPP who championed the bill to proclaim the day through the Ontario Legislature.

A highlight of a session of home child stories was the presentation by Rev Bruce North of a Barnardo Bible.

John Sayers was kept busy throughout the day advising home child descendant on how best to find out the story of their ancestor.

Author Sandra Joyce read from her book "The Street Arab"; Brad Barns from "The Reluctant Canadian" and Beryl Young from "Charlie".

The day ended with a dinner at the Royal Canadian Legion, Morrisburg.

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Barbara Tose said...


It sounds like you were at Upper Canada Village yesterday. Did you happen upon the Shape Note Singers in the Church from 1:00 to 3:30? I hear they had a good turn out, too. Another part of my "heritage". ;-)