04 September 2013

Family History Activity Survey: Canadian results II

Two questions in the survey asked for feedback in written rather than multiple choice form.

In response to the prompt "The genealogy/family history resources I most value are" there were 89 responses. The Wordle below shows the words most frequently mentioned in a larger size.

Ancestry, got the most mentions with 34 ahead of "and" (32) and "family" (27). The most common two word phrase was "Family Search". The biggest surprise was that there were only three mentions of Google.

83 people responded to the prompt "My genealogy/family history activity would be most improved by:"

Unsurprisingly time was an issue with "more time" and "time to" two of the top three most frequently mentioned two-word phrases. "More time to" was the most frequently used three word phrase. "On line" and "access to" were also highly ranked in connection with records. Money was less frequently mentioned than I expected.

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