15 September 2013

Rockstar Genealogists: announcement to come

Voting in the Rockstar Genealogists survey is now closed. Thanks to the 1,243 people who came to the site.

Some just wanted to see who was nominated, which is fine.  Nobody received fewer than 3 votes, and the vast majority were in double figures, which I interpret as meaning those nominated were credible candidates.

Thanks especially to the 784 who took the time to vote, 61% from the USA, 13% from England/Wales, 11% from Canada, 5% from Australia/New Zealand. Those who responded from Scotland and Ireland will be reported as part of a UK/Ireland category.

About three-quarters of those responding were women.

I think you'll find the results interesting, and likely helpful to those planning events and those looking for guidance on who to follow.

Here's the planned release schedule:

Monday 16 September, "silver and bronze medallists" in various categories
Tuesday 17 September, "gold medallists" in various categories
Wednesday 18 September, Australia/New Zealand top ten
Thursday 19 September, Canada top ten
Friday 20 September, UK/Ireland top ten
Saturday 21 September, USA top ten
Sunday 22 September, on the seventh day he rested
Monday 23 September, International compilation.

1 comment:

Alona Tester said...

I'll be tuned in all week!! (Mind you for blog, that's normal for me anyway).

I don't need to say "keep up the fabulous work" as I know you will, instead I'll just say looking forward to more news, and the results. ;-)