04 April 2014

An assisted Google ancestor search

At randymajors.com you'll find a form that will simplify ancestor searches on Google, and we all know how helpful Google can be.
As shown in the simple example you enter the first and last name in the boxes and it formats the query to include matches where either the first or last name is given first. A small but significant saving of time and effort.
Give it a try at  http://www.randymajors.com/p/ancestorsearch.html You'll likely be presently surprised. It's one to bookmark.
via a blog post by James Tanner.


AlisoninVancouver said...

I just tried this on a connection that I'd only recently become aware of and was having trouble finding anything about. Looks as if it's come up with quite a few references worth pursuing!


AlisoninVancouver said...

Randymajors.com seems to have disappeared, to be replaced by a "404" message.